Check here for information about how to use WHOVA and Zoom.

Have a better guide that you have permission to share? Send it and we will post it.

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I have no idea what I am doing!!

Start with our very long, detailed beginners guides. They are a work in progress. We thank the wonderful Lorda Omeissah for providing us with models. The errors are our own. Scroll down for links to specific WHOVA and Zoom guides. 






The key points are: 

  • Never zoomed before? (Congratulations!) 

    Have a friend invite you to a meeting and show you the ropes. None of your friends zoomed before? Join this meeting on 24 November at 5pm to practice.


  • Internet down?

    Email your chair.

    Zoom links work on your phone browser too. If you have a full invite, you can even phone in. 

    We will also distribute a zoom list two days before the conference to registrants only. (Don't circulate them unless you want to pay for the registrations of all recipients)


  • Where are the zoom links?

    You can find the zoom links for the conference through the WHOVA agenda.  From the WHOVA app, always click "Join in Zoom" NEVER click "Join in WHOVA." 


  • Nervous speaker?

    Have you sent your slides to your chair or a co-pannelist? Will someone read your paper if technology fails? 

    Log in 15 minutes early for a share slide tutorial and troubleshooting run through

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Contact us if you are registered but have not been invited to join WHOVA.

Click these URLs for



Zoom has masses of online tutorials. 

Getting in: copy and paste the session zoom link into your browser or click on the "Join in Zoom" button direct from WHOVA. [Do not clicked the Join in Whova button. It is buggy.] 

Speakers will be allowed in from the waiting room 15 minutes early to practice. Remind the moderator to let you screen share. 

Click on this link for a bunch of basic how-to videos: